Artist Statement
    "My involvement in music and art is the 'spice of life' that drives me. As in the different movements of Chopin, the surface of the canvas can show movements with brush, color and contrast of modulating forms. I aspire to use every brush stroke with form as a note with color. My earlier works reflect my growth as a student at the University of the Arts while playing double bass in the Youth Orchestra of Philadelphia. At that time, I focused on portraiture, however, after traveling to the Netherlands, France, Italy and Jamaica, along with an exposure to Studio Incamminati; I am now able to broaden my style of painting. After having recently retired from teaching art, I can now devote myself full-time to music and art."

    -- Clif Anderson

Clif Anderson has a multicultural, art/music, athletic and community service background. Reared in the projects of North Philadelphia, his mother sought every opportunity for him to express himself in the Arts.

Stricken with polio at age eight, he went on to art lessons at Fleisher's Art Memorial and later graduated from the University of the Arts - BFA, and then a Masters from Antioch Graduate School.

Teaching art at Olney High School, he had the opportunity to work in many different media demonstrating for his students.

Clif enjoys painting landscapes, portraits, and creating masks. He has displayed his art, which includes works in tempera, acrylics, oil paintings, mixed media, sculpture and prints, in over 300 shows, winning numerous awards including First Place in Painting in the First International All-Disabled Art Show for Artists with Disabilities in 1979. Clif began his musical career at the age of eleven, playing the double bass and was awarded a scholarship to study with Ferdinand Maresh of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Clif recently performed "Ragtime" at St. Joe's Bluette Theater and performs regularly with the Mainline Symphony and the Academy Chorale & Chamber Society.

Clif is now retired after 35 years of teaching and has been married to his wife, Henny, from The Netherlands, for 25 years. They both enjoy traveling, listening to music and supporting each others' passions.

Clif derives new inspiration from his wife's perennial garden and Edward Ziegman, a colleague who encouraged him to expand his participation in music with duets by various composers.

Edward Ziegman was born and educated in New York City; studied bassoon with Roberto Sensale, Stephan Maxym and also with Frank Ruggieri; earned both a Bachelors' and Masters' Degree in Performance from the Manhattan School of Music; freelances in the Greater Tri-State area; a member of the Concertante Wind Quintet and is now principle bassoon with the Academy Chamber Society.

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